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Tornadoes Qualify For South West Regional League

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Storm’s U16 Tornadoes team will once again be taking part in the South West League after qualifying through the Cornwall tournament.

Last season’s Tornadoes won the South West Second Division but the majority of that squad has moved out of the age band.

So it was with a squad of year 10s, apart from Captain Maia Adams and Ellie Brown, that Storm went to the Cornwall Tournament to try and qualify once more.

Tornadoes Captain Maia Adams in action in the Cornwall Qualifying Tournament.
Tornadoes Captain Maia Adams in action in the Cornwall Qualifying Tournament at Truro College.

After a win in the opening game against Penryn followed by a defeat to Saints, Storm booked their place and will now head off to the seeding tournament next weekend.

“We’re delighted, surprised and thrilled all at the same time,” said Head Coach David White. “It was going to be a big ask for the squad to get through but they put in a lot of work in their first game to beat Penryn.

“We were visibly shot in the second half of the second game but all credit to the girls they kept battling away and we’re looking forward to another season of road trips!”

Storm will now face teams from around the region in a special seeding tournament to decide which teams play in Division One and Two.

“One bonus this season is that the seeding tournament is in Plymouth so it’ll be nice to go an hour up the road instead of the usual four to Bath,” said White.

“This is going to be a big challenge for our players this season though but after playing South West Regional at U16 and U14 last season we could visibly see the development of the girls at the end of the season.”

Storm is hoping for that development to continue this season.[su_pullquote align=”right”]

“We’re delighted, surprised and thrilled all at the same time.”

David White, Head Coach[/su_pullquote]

“They’re going to be up against some really good teams and some really good players and they’ll be out of their comfort zone but their development will be noticeable by playing at this level.”

“It’s something we’re doing with all our junior and senior teams this season, we’re giving our young players a chance to develop in the higher teams in Cornwall Division One and Two. Again, it will be a massive challenge for them but ultimately their development is most important in the long term and at the end of the season they will have improved immensely,” said White.

Storm trains on a Tuesday and a Wednesday and if you’re interested in challenging yourself and developing to your fullest potential drop us a line on our contact page.

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