Cox’s Corner – November 2018

Cornwall Storm Cox's Corner News 2018/19 South West Regional League 3 (South)

Captain Hannah Cox looks back on the month so far

Last weekend saw another break in the regional 3 fixtures list and with two of our Cornwall league Friday night fixtures having been postponed, I’m taking the opportunity to give you my reflections of our latest matches of the season.

Two weekends ago we travelled to Callywith College for an eagerly anticipated local derby against Bodmin, who are new into the regional league this year. Having played Bodmin in the Cornwall league over the past seasons we knew were were in for a closely contested match. The first quarter went goal for goal, with neither side being able to get an edge.

Our defence worked hard to pressure the opposition shooting circle which meant we won some turnovers but we failed to capitalise on this with our attack not being able to confidently get the ball to a shooting opportunity.  It was only really in the last 5 minutes of that quarter that we managed to get some breathing space. Some mistakes from the home team and brilliant drives through court from Fern, Beth and Phoebe combined with safe passes into Caitlyn gave us a 5 goal lead.

The second and third quarters were much the same with some physical play from both sides and the umpires having a hard job keeping the game under control. As in previous matches our fitness and sheer desire to come through as winners served us well and we won the match by 10 goals, 45-55.

We weren’t overly happy with our performance as we knew we have played better in previous games; the occasion got to us. But as David rightly commented it is reassuring to know we can come through matches as winners despite not playing at our absolute best.

The following weekend we had a home fixture against Vivary from Taunton. Last season we beat them on both occasions but having seen their latest run of results we knew that this would be as tough as any game.

Again, the start of the match was very close with some fluid play from both teams moving the ball down court well into the shooters; neither team’s defence seemed to be making any headway with turning the ball over. A two goal lead at quarter and half time felt like nothing at all.

At the start of the second half Maia, Niamh and Kirstin did a superb job of hunting some amazing interceptions, which we were able to score from. Going into the last quarter David ditched his much loved orange notebook for the team talk and said it was down to whoever wanted this match more. Walking back onto court we certainly felt this. I must add here a thank you for the reliable shout of ‘come on the mighty orange’ from the supporters, which never fails to make us smile and helped to level our heads.

The start of the last quarter saw some frantic play from pretty much everyone on court. The Vivary bench and players on court were doing everything to shift the momentum in their direction and they were certainly rewarded with a 5 goal spell which went unanswered from us. But our composure around the edge of our shooting circle, particularly from our youngest player Bryher, meant that we weren’t flustered and pulled through for another 10 goal victory, 61-51. We felt as though we had improved on last week’s performance and what was more, it was a much more enjoyable game.

Our undefeated run in the regional 3 league continues… will it extend to Christmas? Keep following our latest fixtures which are away to Lovell Titans and then at home to Cornwall Saints and Jupiter to find out!

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