Membership Fees
June 2015 - April 2016 Season
Junior Fee (All Members Under 12 Up to and including Year 7) - £122 per year

Direct to the Storm Account - 12 standing order payments of £10.17

Intermediate Fee (All Members U13 - U18 Year 8-13) - £144 per year

Direct to the Storm Account - 12 standing order payments of £12

Senior Fee (All Members Over 18) - £166 per year

Direct to the Storm Account - 12 standing order payments of £13.83



This is an ANNUAL fee that is a club membership fee for Adult and Junior players. The standing order payments are broken down to 12 monthly payments to make it easier for you so you don't have to stop the standing order in May then restart in June!

There is a one off Junior Joining Fee for all members who are Under 14. This fee is £9 however it does include a FREE club performance training shirt that is required to be worn at all training sessions.

The club year runs from JUNE to APRIL (inclusive) and your fee covers you to take part in netball training sessions, extra fitness sessions, extra Storm workshops run throughout the year plus all Storm social events.

Membership Fees do not include England Netball Affiliation which must be paid by every club member to ensure you are covered by their insurance policy. This is a national fee and every single player in England must pay this fee whether just training with a club or playing matches.

England Affiliation Fees 2015/16 Season.

For the 2015/2016 season the England Netball fees are the following and relate to age ON the 1st September 2015:

Over 18 - 40

18 & Under - 25

14 & Under - 12

11 & Under - 6

Storm has no say on these fees, they are set by England Netball Head Office and the new affiliation fees will be out soon. For current players this must be paid in full by September 2015 to allow players to train and play with Storm. If you join Storm after September you just pay the fee when you join.

Extra Benefits for Storm Members

By becoming a member of Storm Netball Club you automatically qualify for extra benefits at Carn Brea Leisure Centre.

These benefits include between 15% & 25% off memberships, fitness classes, swimming and sauna sessions.

These benefits are available to all members of Storm and their families so you can enjoy exercising together in the fantastic facilities that Carn Brea Leisure Centre provides.

You can enjoy the facilities either by taking out a Gold, Silver or Bronze membership or by attending classes
on a 'pay as you go' basis.

For more details on packages & classes available take a look at the Carn Brea Leisure Centre website.

When you're ready to take advantage of the benefits available to you as a Storm member just contact their Membership & Sales department to sort out your deal.

Information for paying by standing order

If you're worried about paying by standing order, there's no need to be because it's safe, simple and most importantly you remain in complete control.

Standing orders are customers’ instructions to their bank to pay a set amount, to a named beneficiary, at regular intervals (say on the 1st of the month) – either for a specific period of time or until cancelled.

How the system works

Standing orders are simple – mainly because the customer (you) is in complete control and the beneficiary (Storm NC) is not involved in claiming payments. At set times, the customer’s bank just sends the money to the beneficiary’s bank and only the customer can alter the payments.

So as you can see you set up the standing order with your bank, we have nothing to do with any forms, account numbers or anything like that!

If you want to pay this way just see Sadie to get a standing order form with the club's details on it, fill it in and drop it into your bank ... simple!

We already have quite a few players paying their Membership fee this way and it really does make Sadie's life much easier so if you can pay this way it would be most appreciated!!

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