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Juniors News 2016/17 Social Event

Storm players spent an afternoon with the Army Reserves at RAF St Mawgan.

The afternoon was designed to give the players some team bonding, problem-solving and leadership skills ahead of the new season which starts this month.

Put together and led by the Army Reserves of 105 Battalion REME, the tasks consisted of both physical and mental challenges.

Storm Head Coach, David White, said the girls thoroughly enjoyed the day; “They loved it and threw themselves into all the tasks they were set.”

“There were a couple of jitters on the climbing wall but it was a really well run day and I know the players got a lot out of it.”

Storm Players on the climbing wall at RAF St Mawgan

Tasks involved retrieving ‘Military Intelligence’ from a minefield (not a real one obviously!) with only 3 foot high barrels, some rope and two planks of wood. Added to that they had to get all the equipment over the minefield and not leave any of the squad behind.

Major Chris Bates from 105 Battalion REME said it was one of the tasks they use to evaluate new recruits; “We use it to test people under pressure and see if the natural leaders of the group come forward.”

Challenge Tasks at RAF St Mawgan

After the afternoon tasks had finished the Batallion put on a barbeque for the players and families. Storm secretary Sadie White, who took part in the challenges, said it was a great day for the club; “We’d like to thank all the Army Reserves and RAF St Mawgan staff who gave up their time today to host us,” she said. “We’d like to extend special thanks to Neil Atkinson and Maggie Moore who did so much to get the idea off the ground in the first place.”

Group photo at RAF St Mawgan

It’s was the first day that the Army Reserves has staged with assistance from some of the Royal Air Force personnel at RAF St Mawgan. “It’s all about community engagement,” said Major Bates. “We’re lucky to be located at RAF St Mawgan and the Royal Air Force has helped out with the day. It’s about reaching out into the community and by word of mouth spreading what we do around the region.”

Take a look here for our full gallery from the day.

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